5 Pillars

Agis is supported by five conceptual pillars, which guide our performance in the market and the group's internal culture.

Agis is supported by five conceptual pillars, which guide our performance in the market and the group's internal culture.

5 Pillars

Summation of

Our multidisciplinary team works in an integrated way, sharing energy and expertise.

We believe it is necessary to pursue excellence not only in engineering, but in financial, legal, tax, administrative, safety, health, and quality management. And, for us, the best results arise from the combination of specialties - engineering, construction, electromechanical systems, and mining.

In our team, we value the sum of





5 Pillars

in relationships

We are committed to the development of the country.

We are aware that our projects impact the economy, society, and the environment, which requires transparent and ethical management practices. We generate opportunities and disseminate good practices among employees and partners.

In our relationships, we seek to cultivate:




Be an example

5 Pillars

to solve

In our segment, agility is a requirement for the success of strategies and actions.

We must always be ready and focused, ensuring that each task is completed under the conditions set. We value "thinking" combined with "doing" to solve technical challenges. Objective decisions, optimized and effective processes are commitments, as is our willingness to adapt to change.

We know how to work with:





5 Pillars


The transformations we enable can define a new future for regions and people.

In our trajectory, we have taken a leading role in works of impact, demanded by the public and private sectors. This position has broadened our vision, allowing us to closely follow the country's advances and its great novelties. The growing complexity of the projects demands from our team a high response capacity - both technical and managerial.

We encourage our people to develop:

Analytical skills


Critical thinking

Open Mind

5 Pillars


Innovating and improving is always a condition for coherent and sustainable growth.

We changed the way we think, incorporating new technologies in several stages of production, to support people's work. We use management tools that add economy, agility, and quality to the projects, as well as transparency in the processes.

Evolving means putting it into practice:

Lifelong learning

Continuous Improvement


Positive Nonconformity

We believe that the best results depend on joint effort and shared responsibility. We seek to be committed, agile, and reliable partners.

Eduardo Ribeiro Capobianco, President of the Holding Company

Throughout our trajectory, we have invested heavily in processes and systems, in management, in equipment, and in our team. This is how we adapt and keep ourselves relevant in the market.

Erasto Messias da Silva Junior, CEO

We put people at the center, being an example of respect, integrity, and opportunity generation.

Carmelita Avellar, HR Manager

of Culture

Our pillars, which represent values ​​and behaviors, have been strengthened throughout the companies' trajectory.